Is Your Company a Talent Optimizer?
In research with more than 400 companies, Vaya Group has focused on understanding what makes some strong "Talent Optimizers" and others "Talent Minimizers." 

“Target Eagles” Summary Report
The pace of change in the pharmaceutical industry has been staggering. A highly successful pharmaceutical representative who left the industry in 2001 and returned summed up the situation in a recent interview.

Financial Services Company Accelerates Executive High-Potentials Development

A multinational banking and financial corporation sought a way to develop and nourish high-potential executives while minimizing time away from their busy workloads and growing responsibilities. Read how The Vaya Group's personalized approach to high-potential development helped them.

Is Overlooking a Candidate's Job Fit Costing Your Company Time and Revenue?

A leading medical software company hired a top performer from a competitor but they skipped conducting a talent assessment. After six months, the employee wasn't performing well. What happened? What did they miss?

Effective High-Potential Programs Require Transparency

Through 25 years of experience, we've identified a few mission-critical steps for creating high-potential development programs that emit successful, motivated, and hardworking leaders.

Identifying Critical Roles and Targeting Successors

To identify the critical roles within an organization, it's important to objectively evaluate which roles have the most impact on the business and ensure the right successors are in place.

Finding the Right Talent for High-Potential Programs

Find out how, after being frustrated from investing in the wrong individuals, a leading biopharmaceutical company built a more effective talent development program for front-line managers.

Identifying 'Likelihood of Success': Which skills, capabilities, and behaviors make a leader?

An example from one of The Vaya Group's long-term clients, a major healthcare technology provider, that demonstrates the impact of competency modeling on hiring.

The Financial Impact of Developing Critical Competencies

What if an organization could show evidence that, by improving a specific competency among its sales representatives, each rep could produce an additional $860,000 annually? Read more to find out how a Fortune 500 company did just that using its competency model and the data collected from a competency-based talent assessment.