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Candidate Assessment,
Development And Onboarding

Hiring Tools That Deliver The Right Person For The Job

While the right hire can increase productivity and profitability, a failed hire is costly. When you account for the time and money invested in a new employee, the cost of a bad hire can be upward of $150,000.

Our new-hire assessment, development and onboarding solutions help you select the perfect candidate and position him or her for success, saving you time and money.

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Make The Right Hire With Candidate Assessments

Tailored to your company and its culture, our data-driven candidate assessments provide an objective view of candidates and their fit for the role.

Whether you need us to assess candidates or just want our guidance, we can scale to your needs. Our assessment services include:

  • Success profiles or competency models
  • Competency ratings and a description of development opportunities
  • Interview guides with questions, areas to probe and rating forms
  • Online personality tests and phone interviews
  • Side-by-side comparisons of candidates and bottom line recommendations
Transition New Hires With Better Onboarding
Transition New Hires With Better Onboarding

For an executive transitioning into a new role, we offer individualized coaching that focuses on navigating the process of integrating into, and leading, a new organization. We also help develop strategies for acclimating to the company culture, building relationships, leveraging strengths and managing derailment tendencies.  

Based on feedback collected from key stakeholders, we conduct a six–month assessment and provide suggestions for the next six months.

Start Building For The
Future With Day-One

Based on data from candidate assessments, we can provide immediate feedback to new hires. This includes recommendations on how to leverage their strengths in their new roles and identifying development opportunities.

We can also provide day-one development plans for new hires. Our proprietary 120-Day New Executive Start-Up Plan is especially useful for candidates advancing into leadership roles that require new responsibilities, approaches and skill sets.


Data-Driven Hiring Tools That Deliver Results

“By creating models we could use to assess high-potential financial representatives, The Vaya Group helped us create a target matrix for leadership candidates [and] helped enhance our curriculum for the next steps in the development process.”

  -  Lyle Maryniak, Leadership Development Executive, Northwestern Mutual

Get Stronger Candidates With Better Hiring Tools

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