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Identify and Develop
High-Potential Employees

HiPos Are More Productive, More Engaged and Better Leaders

High-potential employees are among your greatest assets. Talented, productive and ambitious, they contribute to your company’s current success and are an integral part of your succession pipeline.

Unfortunately, most organizations fail to identify and develop high potentials, and so leave that potential untapped. Our targeted and measurable solutions identify and develop the high-potential talent waiting to be found in your company.

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High-Potential Assessments That Identify The Right Employees
High-Potential Assessments That Identify The Right Employees

Too often, organizations mistake high-performing employees for high potentials. Working with you, we define your company’s high-potential criteria, then assess current employees against those standards.

Accurate and reliable, our high-potential assessments identify your company’s most promising talent. Utilizing a variety of tools – from self-service resources and 360-degree surveys to personality tests and in-depth interviews – we evaluate employees for their high-potential traits and fit with company culture.

HiPo Development
High-Potential Development That Targets Behavior

Our high-potential development plans are customized to align with your company strategy and personalized to the participants’ needs. They target next-level skillsets through the creation of new behavior. Rooted in how the brain learns, our plans follow a three-step process:

  • Practice targeted behavior
  • Reflect on the experience
  • Refine the path forward

High-Potential Solutions For Many Needs

Our scalable high-potential solutions include options that range from self-service resources to high-touch executive coaching.

resource guide
A self-service tool that includes development best practices, on-the-job actions and challenges, tips and worksheets and exercises for the employee and manager
A six-month virtual development solution that provides personalized development support and one-on-one coaching.
Hybrid approach
Three months of executive coaching and calls with a Vaya coach, combined with three months of virtual coaching
Executive coaching
Six, nine or twelve months of one-on-one engagement with a Vaya certified coach through video or phone calls.
Vayability: Virtual Development For High Potentials

Virtual Development
For High Potentials

Often, only senior leaders are given personalized development. Jumpstart allows high potentials at all levels to reap the benefits of one-on-one coaching.

Tailored to the individual, Vayability is a six-month virtual program that offers accelerated development. It focuses on developing new habits and learning the process for acquiring them, in order to support success after completion. Jumpstart features:

  • An assigned coach who sends weekly challenges and resources for targeted habits
  • A personalized dashboard with anytime access to challenges, resources and feedback
  • Just-in-time coaching calls to discuss practice opportunities and upcoming challenges
  • A dashboard for managers to view development activity and progress
  • A point system for completed tasks

Measuring HiPo

From the outset, rigorous goals and milestones are clearly defined for high-potential development. Through pulse surveys of stakeholders such as managers and peers, we then track and measure success against those benchmarks.

For many companies, success is measured through continuous progress, the accumulation of skills needed for larger roles or increased promotion rates.

HiPo Development

Executive Coaching Case Study

Our data-driven leadership development plans have delivered proven, measurable results to prestigious mid-sized and Fortune 500 companies. Read how our personalized approach helped a Fortune 100 company accelerate the development of its executive high potentials.

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Executive Coaching Case Study

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