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The Importance of
Succession Planning

Maintain Your Excellence with a Succession Planning Strategy

The complexity of today’s leadership roles requires more than on-the-job training. It demands a highly targeted and personalized development approach. Sustained success and future excellence require a succession planning strategy.

From creating success profiles to identifying and developing leadership candidates, we offer scalable and customizable succession development solutions.

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Success Profiles Establish Objective Criteria For Leadership Roles
Success Profiles Establish
Objective Criteria for
Leadership Roles

The first step in a succession planning strategy is to establish a success profile that defines the critical skills, experiences, and traits required for a leadership role. We offer two solutions for developing customized success profiles:

  • Using stakeholder interviews, existing data, and our expertise, we build a success profile tailored to the specific needs of your organization’s roles
  • Our Success Profile Tool, a technology-enabled option, can be customized to your organization and the target role
HiPo Development
Identify Leaders with a
Succession Planning

Using our role-based assessment (RBA), we help identify candidates who match the success profile. Combining one-on-one interviews, personality tests, and feedback from peers and managers, an RBA gauges the leadership capabilities and relevant experiences of the individual to determine fit with the target role profile.

By identifying gaps between the candidate and the leadership role, we can support your organization in creating an accelerated development plan to increase successor readiness.

Prepare Successors with Scalable Development Solutions

Prepare Successors with Scalable Development Solutions

Working together with candidates and their managers, we create actionable and measurable succession plans that target behaviors necessary for each role. Development solutions are aligned to the organization’s budget and succession timeline to accelerate readiness as needed.

From high-touch to low-touch options, we offer scalable approaches for all levels of the talent pipeline. We can tailor our approach based on your needs and resources, blending technology-enabled and traditional solutions such as:

  • Six- or 12-month executive coaching
  • Hybrid coaching
  • Vayability virtual coaching

What’s Your Succession
Planning Strategy?

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