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Talent Analytics

Gather, Analyze, and Interpret Talent Data for Valuable Insights

Talent data provides an objective means of assessing competencies, tracking progress, and measuring success. But it’s our ability to interpret that data and leverage the insights that allows us to create comprehensive talent strategies that produce business results.

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Talent Data Provides
Valuable Insights

Our detailed data analyses can provide valuable insights into your talent management approach. That data can be used to:

  • Identify behaviors and competencies that are most critical to success
  • Determine next steps to grow your talent to be best in class
  • Provide recommendations for future training
  • Measure effectiveness of development initiatives
  • Create customized talent plans
  • Develop algorithms to predict high-potential and high-risk incumbents
  • Demonstrate linkages between leadership competencies and business metrics
Talent Analytics Reports
Talent Analytics Reports

In addition to incorporating talent data analysis in our talent solutions, we offer two levels of talent analytics reports.

The basic report provides themes and trends and identifies common strengths and development gaps. The basic report can also be used to compare business units and functions to determine common training needs.

A premium report includes everything from a basic report, but also determines what differentiates your top-performing talent, and compares your company against similar companies in the same industry.

Talent Analytics Help Answer Tough Questions

See how we leveraged talent data to help companies find solutions to tough talent management questions.

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Harness the Power of Data

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