Count on measurable results. The Vaya Group delivers tangible services that produce measurable results. We pay special attention to helping clients turn insights they gain from the wide range of assessment and analytical tools we deploy into actionable solutions.

We guide employees from assessment to performance improvement through the deployment of an array of intervention tools including coaching, individual development plans and support to executive leadership and managers.

What ROI do you want to achieve?  We recognize that every organization is different and has its own unique jargon, culture and expectations, so the ROI each organization is seeking from talent management initiatives differs as well.  We promise to validate your investment.  The Vaya Group works with you and your key stakeholders to identify the ROI metric important to your organization and help you achieve it. 

Here is a sampling of the measurable results The Vaya Group has helped clients achieve:

  • 80% of high-potential participants showed “significant” or “very significant” improvement in their target areas
  • 80% of managing partners are at or above their performance targets
  • 53% of employees who have gone through Vaya have been promoted or are in new or expanded roles within the last two years

.What ROI can we help you achieve?

Making Talent Your Company’s Competitive Advantage