Are you struggling to retain your emerging talent? Develop your future leaders today so you’re prepared for tomorrow.
Right now, 49% of your top talent is actively looking for a career change. The best way to retain talent is to offer the opportunity to grow. Through a series of personal development and custom leadership solutions, Vaya Group prepares high-potential employees to become future successors. We specialize in helping pharmaceutical and life sciences companies like yours retain and accelerate the development of top talent.
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We ensure your leaders of tomorrow are ready today.

The pharmaceutical and life science industries are dynamic, fast-paced, and full of opportunity. These factors help drive success for companies like yours, but also create a highly competitive job market. These days, there are significantly more social factors at play when it comes to employee retention. If your top talent feels they’ve hit a ceiling, what’s stopping them from jumping to a new position with your competitors? Acquiring and training new talent will always be more expensive than growing the talent you have. Plus, there’s no guarantee the new talent can match or replicate the success of your top employees.

When pharmaceutical and life sciences companies focus on the developmental growth of their emerging leaders, they have greater success retaining top talent while maximizing team productivity. With decades of experience, our industry experts deliver real-world leadership development plans that increase employee retention and prepare high-potential employees to be future successors.

What Vaya can do for you...
Our industry experts help you retain and develop your high-potential employees for future roles.
High-Potential Management Development Programs
Deliver an equitable and inclusive solution to identify, develop, and engage high-potential talent
Leadership Frameworks
Define what great looks like for your organization and provide a consistent framework to assess, select, train, and develop talent
Executive Candidate Assessment
Select the best executive candidate for your unique business context and position them for success from day one
Assessment Centers and Simulations
Provide rich, “real-world” development experiences for emerging leaders at multiple levels of the leadership pipeline
Succession Planning
Ensure you have a strong, diverse bench and accelerate talent readiness to take on critical roles
Leadership Team Effectiveness
Accelerate the alignment and productivity of leadership teams to drive high performance against business and cultural goals
Provide a personalized executive coaching experience for your emerging leaders and empower your talent to unleash their full potential
Executive Coaching and Development
Ensure senior leadership positively impacts productivity, profit, culture, and retention
Diligence Leadership Assessments
Mitigate investment risks by assessing an executive team’s fit for the Value Creation Plan and creating talent plans aligned to critical results (For Private Equity and M&A Due Diligence)
Vaya Biotech Case Study
  • Five out of five of the selected participants were promoted
  • Two out of five of the selected participants were promoted to leadership roles
  • One of the nominees was promoted to a leadership role prior to the program beginning
  • Cohort was super engaged (90-100% of activities were completed)
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Vaya has the answers for all your talent needs.
Retain Top Employees
Develop Future Leaders
Identify Solutions that Drive Impact
Develop your future leaders today.

We specialize in creating custom leadership development plans that empower pharmaceutical companies to develop future leaders and retain their top employees. We're experts in molding new leaders out of high-performing talent through custom development plans.

The pharmaceutical industry is highly competitive; nurturing existing employees improves retention and develops a stronger team that helps drive increased revenue. Help your team reach their potential and move forward to a stronger future together.

Is your team brimming with potential waiting to be polished?
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