You run a complex, growth-minded organization, and you need a strong talent strategy to ensure organizational success.
From supporting company objectives to developing talent, forward momentum in your company is key in propelling you toward success. We help our clients build a customized and sustainable talent strategy to support organizational performance.
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We get it. We have experience and expertise supporting talent strategies for Fortune 1000 companies.

Vaya’s solutions provide a tailored approach to talent strategy.

Managing multiple stakeholders in highly complex organizational structures can feel a lot like juggling. Pressures from the board and shareholders can intensify this feeling.

On top of that pressure, the competitive labor market is causing top talent who desire quicker promotions to leave, and clients are looking for a better fit or deal with another company.

Our solutions are as unique as the clients we serve and are tailored to their specific needs. Our goal is to meet our clients where they are, gain a deep understanding of their current needs, and proceed from there.

It’s not uncommon for us to be involved in multiple solutions simultaneously, as it’s likely the enterprise’s needs are multifaceted. We work closely with our clients to measure progress in their solutions and help them present this information to executive teams and boards of directors to show the impact and value.

Vaya partners with enterprise clients on a full, holistic solution to help them achieve their long-term talent and organizational objectives.

Why Our Clients Partner with Us

“We credit Vaya for helping us design and implement disciplined and fact-based talent assessment and selection processes that have stood the test of time and increased organizational capacity.” 

- Head of Global Diversity and Talent Management at Fortune 50 Company 

Vaya effectively drives change for talent strategy.
If any of these three challenges resonate with you, it’s time for a conversation...
Your talent strategy doesn’t support company objectives
You need help ensuring your DEI objectives are met, you are successfully developing leaders amid hyper-growth, and your remote leaders are effective
You lack a succession management strategy
You need to provide a clear career path for employees and a specific, measurable succession plan to show progress to your board of directors
You’re fighting to develop and retain talent
You need to cultivate your talent in a way that entices them to stick around for future career advancement.
global beverage case study
Our results speak for themselves.
  • 67% of program participants have been promoted
  • 61% of those promoted are in leadership roles
  • 68% of program participants are still at the company
  • Perceived growth of those highly engaged in the program is 2x+
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What Vaya can do for you...
High-Potential Management Development Programs
Identify and develop high-potential employees for success
Leadership Frameworks
Develop a consistent framework to assess, select, train, and develop talent
Executive Candidate Assessment
Select the best candidate and position them for success
Assessment Centers and Simulations
Gain insights into a specific role or function to determine selection, training, and development strategy
Succession Planning
Ensure you have a strong bench and accelerate talent readiness to take on critical roles
Leadership Team Effectiveness
Facilitate structured, working sessions custom-designed to drive high performance against goals
Empower your employees to unleash their full potential
Executive Coaching and Development
Ensure senior leadership positively impacts productivity, profit, culture, and retention
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