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About Vaya Group

A Talent Management Consultancy Tailored to You

Vaya is derived from the word vayama, which means “right effort” or “right progress.” It refers to setting out on a path and working to give rise to what is good and useful through purposeful thought and behavior.

That journey is represented in our Path2Great. Working as guide and partner, we lead clients to excellence, helping them define great and using data-driven solutions to maximize their potential.


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The Vaya Group Story

Founded in 1997 by Dr. Paul Eccher and Dave Ross, we were initially called Corporate Insights, Inc. Our first client, General Electric, helped us establish a reputation for providing superior assessments. Building on that strength, we expanded our strategy and used assessment insights and data to create powerful development solutions.

In 2010, we changed our name to The Vaya Group to reflect our new mission: to help companies leverage assessments into data-driven development. Today, our Path2Great provides holistic talent management strategies aligned with measurable business outcomes.

The company that began in a one-room office has expanded and continues to grow in the Chicagoland area and beyond. A roster of clients that started with General Electric has grown to include AstraZeneca, Gilead Sciences, Beam Suntory, McKesson, and Citigroup, to name just a few.

Vaya Group Story
The Vaya Group Mission

The Vaya Group Mission

Our mission is to help design a Path2Great for each client that optimizes talent and empowers employees and companies to reach their full potential.

We live by the FLAMES, our six core values:

  • Forging client partnerships
  • Learning every day
  • Achieving results that matter
  • Modeling integrity and respect
  • Embracing the power of teams
  • Serving our community

Meet Key Members of the Vaya Group Team

Our Talent Experts are led by Ph.D.- and M.S.-level consultants with extensive experience in executive assessment and development. Our team has an average tenure of 10 years at Vaya, and has worked with all major job functions, including sales, finance, marketing, IT, engineering, supply chain, and HR.

Trusted by Fortune 500 and mid-sized companies spanning the globe and across industries, we have provided assessment debriefings and coaching to C-suite and senior executives, as well as managers and employees at all levels.


Paul EccherPresident & CEO


Michelle BushHead of Consulting


Nicole MorrisExecutive Consultant


Beth DoladeeManaging Consultant


Tiffany HiscockSenior Consultant


Mike RakowSenior Consultant


Andy DaySenior Consultant



Brandy BenakSenior Consultant


Nino LambertiSales Leader


Pat RosaCash Manager & Executive Assistant

The Vaya Difference

What makes Vaya different is our commitment to knowing you. Because one size doesn’t fit all, we take the time to understand your company culture and business strategy. In collaboration with you, we then customize solutions for your company and personalize development for each participant.

Don’t take our word for it. Read what our clients had to say about working with Vaya in a research study conducted by B2B International.

The Vaya Difference

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