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"Optimizing Talent" named to list of 'must have' books for Chief Learning Officers

TalentLMS has compiled a list of "48 books every aspiring Chief Learning Officer should read" and we're proud that Optimizing Talent, co-written by Vaya's CEO Paul Eccher was chosen to be on that ...

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The Difference of Delivery: Learning vs. Hearing

Recently, a tragedy unfolded in the skies in the form of Southwest Airlines flight 1380. Shortly after takeoff, a piece of the engine broke

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Is Your High Potential Program Maximized?

High potential employees can be the lifeblood of your organization, filling your talent pipeline with the leaders of tomorrow. However, 

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Vaya to present on HiPo initiatives at SIOP 2018

Despite their importance, many HiPo initiatives fall short in execution. Are your HiPo initiatives failing to produce the results you want?

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4 Steps to Get Out of a Tactical Trap--And 3 Steps To Stay Out!

  We all have been there. Like a runner in a maze, we suddenly realize we’re in a tight spot. We were so focused on “doing it” that we momentarily forgot to take a long view of where we were going. ...

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Is There a Formula to Becoming a Great Leader?

In times of uncertainty, whether it’s in politics, business, family, or religion, people look to their leaders for answers. 

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Free Thinking Time Leads to Innovation

Innovation. It’s something that every successful company requires. Everyone is searching for “the next big thing” whether it's a phone, a pair of glasses, or a car. 

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