Talent Assessment

Improving your sales force: Vaya’s observations of successful sales reps

Have you ever had the pleasure of listening to a sales pitch that felt like the rep was rattling off a list of generic questions?

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As the Economy Improves, What Are You Doing to Retain Talent?

According to a recent report from accounting and advisory firm Baker Tilly Consulting, the improving economy is both “a blessing and a curse.” 

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Learning & Development, Uncategorized

Free Thinking Time Leads to Innovation

Innovation. It’s something that every successful company requires. Everyone is searching for “the next big thing” whether it's a phone, a pair of glasses, or a car. 

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Performance Management

Are Your Talent Management Messages Resonating with Board Members?

According to a recent survey that asked more than 1,000 board members worldwide to rate their companies’ performance in various talent management topics, it appears that talent management is board ...

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