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Vaya Serves: Feed My Starving Children

Vaya Contributes: Supporting Feed My Starving Children

One of Vaya Group's core beliefs is in the importance of Serving our Community... this time, we partnered with Feed My Starving Children, a nonprofit organization dedicated to eradicating hunger and food insecurity around the world. Unlike a traditional food pantry, FMSC has developed a cost-effective and nutritious meal which can be mass produced and delivered around the world. Each pre-packed meal contains dried vegetables, soy protein, vitamin-packed flavoring, and rice designed to reverse the effects of undernourishment and malnutrition.

fmsc-blueWhen you volunteer at FMSC, you become part of the incredible (and hard!) work involved in packing and preparing these meals for distribution around the world. Members of the Vaya Group and their family members pitched in filling bags, weighing pouches, packing boxes, and working at a feverish pace helping to pack 100 boxes in 2 hours time. This translates to thousands of nutritious meals headed to battle starvation worldwide!

100% donor funded, FMSC has delivered over 2.2 billion meals around the world. Their website is filled with stories of children who've bounced back from malnutrition and starvation to become strong, healthy children with a brighter future ahead. Check out their website at to learn more and to see how you can help! 


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