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Is Your High Potential Program Maximized?

Is Your High-Potential Initiative Operating at Peak Performance?

High potential employees can be the lifeblood of your organization, filling your talent pipeline with the leaders of tomorrow. However,  many organizations don’t properly maximize their high potential programs. Vaya will be presenting in more detail on this topic at SIOP 2018 and after the presentation, we’ll follow up with a recap and 4 Definitive Ways to Maximize Your High Potential Programs.

Less than 15% of companies have strong high potential initiatives in place and more than 40% of individuals selected for these programs might not even belong there in the first place. Aside from that, many high potential employees don’t feel engaged or connected to their development processes. However, when done effectively, high potential programs offer phenomenal benefits to employees and their organizations. 

Benefit to Individual High Performers Benefits to the Organization
  • Targeted approach to personal development
  • Clearer understanding of talent strengths and gaps
  • A clear road map to career progression
  • Stronger talent pool for critical roles
  • Opportunities to learn from other High Performers
  • Building a learning culture; cross-functional talent movement
  • Great employee engagement due to a transparent, objective, and fair process
  • Higher morale and employee engagement; more retention of top talent


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Take The HiPo Quiz and check back here after SIOP where we'll give you 4 Key Ways to Maximize Your High Potential Program.

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