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Vaya to present on HiPo initiatives at SIOP 2018

Vaya Set to Showcase HiPo Strategies at SIOP 2018

Despite their importance, many HiPo initiatives fall short in execution. Are your HiPo initiatives failing to produce the results you want?

Looking for ways to maximize your ROI and increase the potency of your HiPo initiatives?

Organizations invest heavily in their HiPos, but they still fall short in their development efforts as up to 30% of HiPos report feeling disengaged. As a result, participants and organizations do not fully reap the benefits from these HiPo initiatives.

On April 21st at 11:30 AM, Vaya takes over the Superior A room at SIOP where we’re going to be presenting a World Café on Maximizing the ROI of HiPo Development (

The session will provide an opportunity to bring together people with diverse ideas and backgrounds in an interactive and highly engaging brainstorming session around HiPo development. Facilitators from Vaya Group and Northern Illinois University will share their research and experience regarding four common challenges that organizations face around HiPo development. Then we’ll discuss solutions and strategies proven to maximize the impact and ROI of HiPo development approaches.

Hope to see you there!

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