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Why Most High Potential Programs Don't Work

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Financial Impact of Developing Competencies

Read an example from a Fortune 500 organization on how they showed evidence sales reps could produce additional annual revenue by improving a specific competency.



Right action and results

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What happens if your talent leaves the organization? Are your best people in the right position?

Unfortunately these are questions many companies aren’t prepared to answer. We often hear executives say “talent is our most important asset” or “the heart of our organization is our people”. While we couldn’t agree more with these statements, it’s the strategy to develop and retain these critical assets that needs to be refined. At The Vaya Group, we’ve spent more than 15 years helping Fortune 1000 companies identify, assess, cultivate and promote the talent needed to thrive in a global marketplace. Our talent management capabilities include helping clients identify high potentials, create in-depth succession plans, and develop emerging leaders. And our rigorous assessment, development planning, coaching & collaboration with highly successful organizations have helped our clients harness their talent and strengthen their ROI. It’s critical to align your talent strategy with your business strategy. You don’t want to let your most important questions go unanswered.

“What I like about the approach undertaken by The Vaya Group was their focus on understanding our unique culture, values and core competencies. They did not present off-the-shelf, one-size fits all solution. Customizing the leadership assessment instruments enabled us to get the results we needed to better select the right executives for the right roles and lay the foundation for a more robust development process.”

- Chief Executive Officer,
Bio-Tech Company