A leadership team that lacks the right capabilities can derail an investment thesis and scaling opportunity.

We provide deal teams with the talent insights they need to fully understand the current leadership team and their fit for the value creation plan.

Vaya minimizes your business risk by helping you uncover your leadership team’s strengths and needs so your investment can thrive. 

Vaya mitigates risk with talent intelligence and comprehensive solutions.
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You’ve done your research on the technology, financial structure, operations, and market analysis, but a year into your investment, you’re finding that your portfolio company isn’t delivering.

A key driver of value creation has been overlooked: the leadership talent.

They may be in the wrong roles, perhaps lacking relevant leadership experience and capabilities, or there may be an executive who had the skills to start the company but not to scale it.

Vaya facilitates comprehensive assessments that provide a holistic picture of leadership at an organization and how it affects scalability and profitability. We work seamlessly with our clients as an extension of their team toward one goalto give firms the leadership data they need to make fully informed investment decisions and support their value creation plan.

Ensuring the right talent is in the right role can equip your team to achieve the organizational goals they’re setting out to accomplish.

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The Vaya Way
The Vaya Way
Diligence Leadership Assessment Services and Solutions
Briefing Phase
Review company context, VCP, and questions about management team
Tailored Design
Merging of proprietary interview protocol with custom-curated questions based on the VCP
Vaya Assessment Process
Career-walk interview and psychometric testing to inform future decisions and actions with leaders
Summary Report
Communicates assessment results, themes, implications, and recommended actions
Operating Partner Debrief and Next-Step Planning
Verbal debriefing for operating partners on findings and recommendations
Executive Team Coaching Debrief
Executive team members receive a personalized development report and session with a Vaya coach to understand their results and action steps
Why Our Clients Partner with Us

“Vaya Group’s due diligence approach has helped us identify real risk and they have been our partner in thinking through that risk. The thoughtfulness our deal professionals now have for thinking about critical priorities in the key roles and understanding how to put the pieces together is all thanks to Vaya’s patience and collaboration with their partners to meet you where you are and drive positive impact and value.” 

- Operating Manager at Top PE Firm

“I have had the privilege of seeing so many positive and valuable results throughout our portfolio. When we think about adding new companies, Vaya Group has been an incredible partner in identifying and uncovering critical talent opportunities from better synergies within a management team.” 

- Operating Manager at Top PE Firm 

Vaya provides best-in-class talent intelligence with a personal, relational approach.
If you’re facing any of these three obstacles, we should talk.
You Need Assessment Experts
You need an objective, expert approach to assess whether the current team has the critical capabilities to grow the business
You Want to Protect Your Investment
You need in-depth leadership data to ensure the investment will support your value creation plan
You’re Ready to Scale
You require a deeper understanding of how your team will work differently and leverage new capabilities
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Ensure alignment of your team and VCP.