The loss of your talent in key positions can cause organizational challenges.

Vaya mitigates the risks in team transitions and prepares your business for the future.

We’ll help you reduce the potential for talent disruption in critical roles while safeguarding top talent retention.

We ensure you have a strong bench and accelerate executive readiness to take on critical roles.
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Succession management isn’t solely for C-suite or senior executives and needs to be a proactive approach. Succession planning is crucial for organizational success, and Vaya can build internal readiness to support your needs.

Filling leadership roles at the last minute can be overwhelming—it can stall the workflow of projects while a search for new talent is underway, cause disruption for direct reports, and take a toll on your HR team. You need to satisfy multiple stakeholders, identify whether you have the right talent, and create a system that’s sustainable.

With the average CEO tenure of fewer than seven years, and employees leaving organizations to find more growth opportunities and stability, it can feel like your bench is limited or even non-existent.

Our insights into talent gaps will help you clarify your future executive development needs and create clear paths for you to meet them. It’s important to identify top talent who can drive the business forward early in their careers so you can develop and monitor them as potential successors.

You’ll gain greater organizational stability, a more diverse talent pool, increased retention and decreased turnover, and a deep understanding of your bench that will help drive strategy.


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The Vaya Way
The Vaya Way
Succession Planning Services and Solutions
Develop Success Profiles
Vaya can help you identify the formula for success in any role
Conduct Assessments
Customized assessments are designed and administered to assess a leader’s match to the specific success profile
BOD Consultation & Analytics
Vaya provides actionable insights and recommendations regarding your succession bench (e.g., readiness, gaps, etc.)
Feedback and Action Plans
Vaya delivers feedback to leaders, managers, and/or HR reflecting strengths and gaps, leading to a development plan that accelerates the readiness of successor candidates
Executive Coaching
Selected participants with leadership development gaps receive coaching to accelerate their growth and readiness
Why Our Clients Partner with Us

“Since we have worked together, we have strengthened our internal bench of talent, kept our highest-potential leaders engaged, and have brought in strong external talent for our most critical roles. If you are looking for a partner who will truly listen, adapt, and develop outstanding solutions, look no further than Vaya Group.” 

- Head of Talent & Leadership Development, Global CPG Organization

“We partnered with Vaya Group to develop comprehensive CEO succession plans for the Board of Directors, as well as annual talent assessment and succession processes for executives across the organization. Vaya's expertise in talent assessment and succession planning was invaluable in helping us identify and develop our next generation of leaders.” 

- Head of Global Diversity and Talent Management at Fortune 50 Company 

Vaya helps you find the answer for long-term organizational success.
If you’re facing any of these three obstacles, we should talk.
You Have Talent Gaps
You need to assess and accelerate your potential talent’s readiness to advance into critical roles
Your Bench Isn’t Diverse
You need someone to take an intentional, deeper look into your organization to ensure diverse talent isn’t overlooked
You’re Experiencing High Turnover
You need a strategy to retain employees, so you have an opportunity to create and sustain a bench
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