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Improving your sales force: Observations of successful sales reps

Enhancing Your Sales Team: Vaya's Insights on Top-Performing Sales Reps

Have you ever had the pleasure of listening to a sales pitch that felt like the rep was rattling off a list of generic questions?

  • Have you ever felt sad even once in your life?
  • Do you get bored easily?
  • If you had the opportunity, would you choose to be a happier person?

Then you need Vaya’s brand new anti-depressant!

Just kidding… (Our R&D department said we should stick to assessments)

In a recent conversation with my colleagues Beth Doladee and Geoff Anthony, they shared with me the most common challenge they hear from customers managing sales reps is that many of them ask overly generic questions like they are checking the box rather than really learning about the customer and their business. When reps ask those types of questions, to the customer it can sound like they’re asking irrelevant questions like, ‘Do you get bored easily?’

One customer said,

“Most rely on a ‘data dump’ as their selling strategy and that doesn’t work well with all people. It feels too generic. When they rely on success stories and in-depth/technical knowledge of their product to gain buy-in, it doesn’t have a personal touch.”

Through Vaya’s assessment process we found that the most successful reps attempt to uncover each customer’s individual needs and unique ‘hot button’ issues. They thoroughly qualify each opportunity and adjust their selling styles according to each customer.

The best reps approach the sales pitch to an executive-level person differently than a subject matter expert who needs to know the features and functions of a product. They have an innate sense of how personal or ‘strictly business’ they need to be depending on the individual customer. They offer themselves and their products as value-adding, essential resources.

Most successful reps are drivers (work hard, self-starters, results driven, goal oriented) and proficient in their relationship building, territory planning and time management. Even more importantly, these reps know how to engage and connect with the key interests and concerns of their customers. They take a more strategic perspective toward managing their territory and customer base. All of these characteristics tend to lead to happier customers and increased sales because of the personal touch added and the more consultative approach to the sell.

Do you have an experience (positive or negative) with a sales rep that you would like to share? Anything we left out that you feel like sharing with us? Tell us about it in the comments!

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