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Q&A with Vaya Group’s Assessment Center Experts

By Beth Doladee, M.A., M.B.A., Managing Consultant and SCC Certified Coach, and Amy Walker, Client Success Manager

Beth Doladee, M.A., M.B.A., Managing Consultant and SCC Certified Coach, and Amy Walker, Client Success Manager, walk us through a Vaya Assessment Center using Absorb, our new platform provider.

Q: What is an assessment center (AC)?

A: Simply put, it’s a “day-in-the-life” simulation for people to experience target roles in a safe environment. This site gives a nice overview from an academic perspective.

Q: How does Absorb as a platform facilitate the user experience?

A: It gives Vaya and clients a secure site in which to access the Assessment Center or business simulation materials, upload relevant documents, and interact with the content. Absorb allows Vaya to create templates, question banks, and customized reporting, acting as a central hub for all our Assessment Center needs.

Q: Are there metrics to measure any differences between Absorb and previous platforms?

A: We do have the ability to ask the learners to complete a course evaluation in Absorb when they complete their Assessment Center. The system also allows us the ability to turn on ratings for each individual AC course. There are plenty of ways we can access feedback about how we are doing. For clients already using Vayability within Absorb, they have an improved user experience via familiarity with the platform and no need for a new login.

Q: What is Beth's role in the AC? What is Amy's role in the AC?

A: Beth has been the lead designer of simulations at Vaya Group. She researches current trends in leadership and adult learning to create successful exercises while leading design efforts in content, training, and data delivery. Through this, Beth enables Vaya’s consultants to execute Assessment Centers for their clients (updating materials, training assessors and role-players, and implementation).

Beth does a great job serving as the SME on all things AC and truly pulls together all the players behind the scenes and in front of the curtain. She administrates the fast pace of these events with impressive calmness and clients love her.

Amy is our Client Success Manager. She is our technology expert who supports implementation in Absorb, liaises with the partner, and helps people while in the platform to troubleshoot, answer questions, etc. During Assessment Centers, Amy is our administrator supporting instructions and activity completion while on-site. And she’s fabulous at it!

Amy facilitates the client’s entire AC experience inside Absorb. This includes transforming the consultants’ content into user-friendly Absorb courses that meet the client’s specifications, creating custom dashboards and reporting, handling all implementation tasks, and on-site support and AC administration.

Q: What changes would we like to implement to our ACs in the future using Absorb?

A: Greater synergy in using Absorb across solutions to integrate Vayability, executive coaching, and simulations in one location. Absorb offers us the ability to create unique question sets that include branching scenarios, drag and drop, and role-playing situations. There are also several other features that we have yet to unlock during AC creation that we believe would take our client offerings to the next level. We are hoping that we can begin to integrate more of these features into upcoming Assessment Centers. We are refining the process when it comes to pre-AC client alignment regarding technical specifications, compliance requirements, and reporting needs.


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