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12 Winning Work-from-Home Strategies

12 Successful Strategies for Remote Work

Approach your day as if you were going into work. We find that people who stick to their “comfort” rituals tend to do the best. Here are some quick tips to help you make the most of your “shelter-in-place” time:

  1. Prepare and dress like you normally would for work (or at least get out of pajamas).
  2. Take the time at the onset to recreate your office workspace as best you can – dedicate a space for work that is separate from the space where you do most of your living.
  3. Ensure your technology set-up is working – connectivity, communication devices, logins, and security systems for logging into work.
  4. Establish your work hours – stay as close as possible to your usual routine. Some report that starting a bit earlier in the day – time that would have been spend commuting – works well for them and gives that sense of accomplishment.
  5. Take breaks. So many people get locked in and forget to get out of their chair – make sure you get up, stretch your legs, communicate with others, take a walk, etc.
  6. End your workday – have clear lines and boundaries for when the work day is complete.
  7. Stay connected to your colleagues. Don’t become an island. Let coworkers know your availability and schedule – proactively reach out. If you have access, use videoconferencing.
  8. Pick up the phone and call people (customer, manager, directs, peers) directly rather than rely too much on email. Email tone can be misinterpreted and, when you’re able, it’s better to have the two-way conversation.
  9. Plan your day and week in advance. Having a plan gives you focus and a sense of being in charge of your destiny.
  10. Avoid distractions such as getting pulled into the 24/7 news cycle or social media. Shut them off or set aside specific break time to check in.
  11. Reward yourself for meeting daily goals – a reward like a walk outside, time to do something you love.
  12. Finally, these are challenging times and some people are less wired for working from home. Don’t suffer in silence – ask for help. If you need a piece of work equipment, ask. Don’t be afraid to talk things through with a mentor or trusted colleague. Take advantage of Employee Assistance programs.
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