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Talent Optimization

What Every Leader And Manager Needs To Know


Leading companies have been focused on talent management for decades. And yet we know that merely managing this process isn’t enough to combat the natural fallout from economic downshifts, not to mention the resonant forces of advancing technology and globalization.

Talent optimization, a more apt description of the process, must be a key strategic business priority in the modern corporate environment.

One of our founders, Paul Eccher, Ph.D., has written the book on the subject: He is the coauthor of Optimizing Talent: What Every Leader And Manager Needs To Know To Sustain The Ultimate Workforce.

When you download the book’s first chapter, “Getting Started,” you’ll kick off an exploration of how to improve senior leader buy-in, talent acquisition, retention and development through the Talent Optimization Framework™ (TOF). You will learn about the factors affecting employee loyalty and engagement, and examine the dated notions of what talent management is — and why it needs to change.

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