Improve talent management with insight. At The Vaya Group, we’ve spent more than a quarter century helping Fortune 1000 companies identify, assess, cultivate and promote the talent needed to thrive in a global marketplace. Our rigorous assessment of coaching and collaboration with thousands of executives and employees at scores of world-class organizations have produced insights and research recognized throughout the industry. We’ve helped highly successful organizations like Hewlett Packard, General Electric, Campbell Soup, Amgen and sanofi-aventis harness their talent and improve their profitability.

Leverage our experience. We know from years of study inside organizations and one-on-one consultation with executive leaders that successful talent management extends beyond identifying key capabilities and putting them in the right positions. The Vaya Talent Optimization Framework™ Analysis we’ve developed sharpens leadership’s talent vision, ensuring a multi-dimensional, holistic approach to talent cultivation taking into account the past, present and future; your industry and competitive and market conditions; your business strategy and direction; your organization’s goals and philosophy; and your leadership’s strengths and weaknesses.

Cultivate Excellence. Years of exhaustive research have given The Vaya Group and its leadership—Dr. Paul H. Eccher, Dave Ross and Nino Lamberti—the insight, knowledge, experience and proprietary assessment, quantitative and intervention tools and strategies required to successfully help companies identify their talent and cultivate excellence. Our knowledge and success puts The Vaya Group in a unique and strategic position to help organizations make the right effort to promote talent and ensure excellence is practiced precisely where it’s needed.

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